Authentic Living

Bringing Presence into our everyday lives
Maximum of 10 participants

5 – 6 August 2023, Chalford, Near Stroud

Is this weekend for me?

How often have you been on a workshop or retreat and found yourself easing into your deeper nature only to find that, days or weeks later, you’re getting stuck again in the same old self-images, patterns and projections?

Do you feel drawn to the question: how can I bring the understanding of who I really am into everyday living?

If this sounds familiar, then keep on reading . . .

What happens on a retreat with Jim?

  • Through meditations, live music, sense-based exercises, relational practices, playful movement, silent connecting, intimate dialogues and circling, you will be guided towards experiencing yourself and the world in a whole new and wondrous way.
  • From that ‘place’ of clarity and openness, you will begin to see the deeply held beliefs, fear-based patterns and physical clenches that keep you bound up in life.
  • In discovering how to meet those uncomfortable feelings and beliefs unconditionally, from the loving openness of your true nature, those frozen blockages can naturally begin to thaw, enabling your essential qualities—of sensitivity, tenderness, playfulness, courage, compassion, strength, power, etc.—to naturally flow.
  • In an atmosphere of absolute acceptance and support there is the chance to play with operating intuitively, and so learn to trust those intuitions.
  • Ultimately it all adds up to a celebration of life with openhearted sharing, music, singing, silence, tears and laughter.
  • No previous knowledge is required, just a willingness to openly and honestly explore your immediate, first-person experience, to courageously question all your beliefs and assumptions, and to feel into your human fragility and whatever fears may arise.

Important Note:

  • If the above description of this event sounds potentially overwhelming or destabilizing for you, if you have mental illness or significant emotional challenges that you feel may be exacerbated by this type of transformational environment, or if you are not sure that you can be self-directed in taking care of your needs during the event, then I advise you not to enroll.

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Jim's two-pronged approach of working with each person's inner narratives and shadow aspects, held within the largest possible container of non-dual awareness and Love, is more powerful and comprehensive than any other approach I am aware of. Watching him work is truly exquisite. With incredible delicacy and presence, he facilitates the birth of whatever it is that needs to emerge in that precise moment.


I feel so blessed to have met you Jim! An inspiration in the true meaning of the word. You breathe life into us all with your Being, your sensitivity, acceptance, honouring, warmth and downright normal-ness. What a gift to us all to be able to meet with you and have reflected back what we truly, truly are. Thank you for meeting me exactly where I am each time I sit in the chair; no pressure, no pushing, just an extraordinary patience and trust.


There’s no dogma, no superiority, no guru-ness, no rigid mindset, no rules, just a loving intelligence continually welcoming us back to the home we never left.


Jim is a born teacher—infinitely patient, compassionate, crystal clear and with great integrity. Thank you James, for your wisdom and love.


I am a different person since working with Jim: more real, more loving, more open, more joyous, and certainly much more alive! People remark on it.


I am very glad that Life has brought me to you. Your words and presence had a profound impact on me. After years in a kind of impasse/wilderness I am now filled with joy, with peace.


Jim’s teachings are clear and concise. They took me to a level of understanding that had eluded me for 45 years. A truly life changing experience that opened a new possibility for being alive.


Thank you Jim. You act as a midwife, guiding and supporting us through the pangs and contractions of giving birth to our true selves!


The first time I connected with Jim it was a life-changing epiphany; to totally meet and be met on a transpersonal level—it was literally awesome. This is all I have ever wanted, and I am so grateful that the universe introduced me to someone I resonate with and learn so much from.


Working closely with a guide who knows the territory, who can understand where we are on the journey, who meets us and sees us as we really are and reflects that back to us, is a rare and precious opportunity. Jim is that very guide.


Thank you dear Jim. I've heard the words so many times and no one has ever led me to a place where I could actually experience those words—like what does it mean? That's what I was asking for, and you managed to do it.


About Jim

Jim Eaton graduated in Maths from Oxford University, then tried a number of vocations, including working as a singer-songwriter, an actor, and a school teacher in inner city London. Despite achieving success, he couldn’t shift a profound sense of lack and longing. What followed was an intense spiritual search that culminated in directly realising the wholeness of being—the home he’d been longing for.

Since 2011 Jim has been leading workshops and retreats internationally, guiding others to that same realisation, and to the subsequent life transformation and empowerment it can offer.

Full event details


Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th August 2023.


Chalford, 2/3 miles from Stroud. The exact address will be sent to you prior to the start date.


This retreat is non residential.


By road: Stroud is well served by close motorway links. Take the M4 from London or Bristol, or the M5 from the north or south of England.

By rail: There are 2 main lines that serve the Stroud district: London – Cheltenham; and Birmingham – Bristol.

By air: The nearest airport is Bristol.


We will provide teas and snacks for our tea breaks on both days.

Lunch will not be provided at this event, so please bring your own.


There will be 4 sessions on each day

10:00am to 11:30am – Session 1
11:30am to 12:00pm – Tea Break
12:00pm to 1:00pm – Session 2
1:00pm to 2:00pm – Lunch
2:00pm to 3:30pm – Session 3
3:30pm to 4:00pm – Tea Break
4:00pm to 5:00pm – Session 4


If you have any further questions contact Neesa:


75% refund if cancelled before 8th July 2023
50% refund if cancelled before 15th July 2023
25% refund if cancelled before 22nd July 2023
No refund if cancelled after 22nd July 2023


Full Weekend — £120

Register Your Place


The number of participants on the retreat is limited, so make sure you book in time. Your place will be reserved after payment has been received. Feel free to write to Neesa if you have any questions (