Taster Event in Totnes – 2 May 2023


Date: Tuesday 2nd May 2023

Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Venue: Totnes Natural Health Centre, Waterside, The Plains, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5DW

Info: The focus is two-fold

— to explore who we really really are beyond the personal self, and

— be invited to clarify and gently unravel the fear-based patterns, beliefs and repressed emotions that constrain our actions in life, so we can live ever more fully, freely and authentically.

There will be meditations, sense-based exercises, sharings and live music, as well as the growing sense of support and camaraderie from the group.

What happens in a meeting with Jim?

Contact: jim@jimeaton.org

Note: To make the meetings viable we are unable to refund non attendance.



Item Description

“With beating heart and feeling pulsating aliveness all through my body right now I want to say THANK YOU for everything. The sessions are very powerful and insightful for me. I have stepped into areas I never dared to step into and felt held all the time. With this freshness life seems very exciting right now, with ALL its feelings with it. Thank you Jim for all you are!” A.G.

“Jim’s two-pronged approach of working with each person’s inner narratives and shadow aspects, held within the largest possible container of non-dual awareness and Love, is more powerful and comprehensive than any other approach I am aware of. Watching him work is truly exquisite. With incredible delicacy and presence, he facilitates the birth of whatever it is that needs to emerge in that precise moment.” B.G.

Hi Jim. The first time I connected with you it was, to me, a life changing epiphany—to totally meet and be met on a transpersonal level. It was literally awesome, and inwardly I was just repeating, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” M.W.