If you have any questions regarding an event please contact the relevant team member below. To connect with me you can send an email to

Help Out

Many of you have asked if you can help out in some way and the answer is yes! If you’d like to set up an event in your area or have expertise in video editing, sound recording, wordpress etc then please do get in touch via the icon above.


If you enjoy what I’m offering and would like to help support me financially you can make a donation here. All donations are gratefully received. Thank you!

Meet The Team

Matthew Eatwell

Development / Marketing

Dora Roszik-Csendes

Events: Kings Langley

Nóri Pecsenka

Events: Budapest, Hungary

Steve Mallinson

Events: Bristol UK

Vesna Vilar

Vesna Vilar

Events: Domžale, Slovenia

Kerstin Martens

Events: Freiburg, Germany

Harry van der Zee

Harry van der Zee

Events: Norg, Netherlands

Ursula Athene

Ursula Athene